John MacArthur Ellis is a tall, raw-boned, funky kind of guy who plays guitar like he’s married to it. This marriage has survived numerous affairs, mainly with mandolins,  pedal steel guitars and one frisky little banjo.


Several women have also challenged this relationship but John remains friends with all of them.


John plays with any band that will have him… which is every band that has ever heard him play.


He prides himself on his BG’s, especially when falsetto is required.


Some of John’s male friends have developed unhealthy crushes on him over the years, which has resulted in John now needing a professional manager to dole out his much sought-after time.


As a recent new father, John’s parenting skills have developed to where single mums are whispering his name as the obvious guy to star in a “How to Change a Diaper” video.


As his kindergarten report card said, “John has manners and plays well with others.”

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