Barry Coulson is a songwriter with a somewhat checkered past. He likes it left at that.


In his teens, he began bringing songs he’d written to his first band who tolerated him by actually learning a few. 


As a drummer, his idols were Keith Moon and John Bonham. Barry got their message loud and louder and sobered up twenty-five years ago.


Hearing one of his songs on radio for the first time was a great thrill, up there with his first drink, first ride in a police car and his first…you know.


From his many bands including, Elmer Thudd, The Texas Eskimos, The Safe Sex Pistols and The Boner Rockets, Barry has injected his life philosophy into his latest musical creation, “My Heart Is Deep In Country, But My Dick Loves Rock ‘n Roll.”


For much of his life, Barry has been judged as a “hopeless romantic.”


While he accepts that accusation, he’s not convinced about the “hopeless” part.

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